Over Come the Devils with a Thing Called Love: Bob Marley



Bob Marley, one of music’s most influential and iconic figures who introduced the world to Rastafarian culture and music. Bob Marley incorporated every day struggles and controversial issues to his music. His magnificent songs of faith, devotion and revolution manifested a legacy that has touched and affected artist throughout many generations and live on in modern day music.


Robert Nesta Marley born February 6 1945 in St, Ann’s Parish, Jamaica. Born to a white father and a teen colored mother. When he turned 14 he left home to pursue his career in music in Kingston. Under the supervision of Joe Higgs, Marley was able to produce his first single, “Jude Not”, which was released in 1962. He was fortunate enough to join 5 fellow artists, that following year. Together they formed a teen vocal group and were signed by producer Coxsone Dodd. As a group they started to attract audiences outside of Jamaica. (Allmusic)


As great as Marley’s celebrity had developed outside of Jamaica, at home he was concerned as a mystical figure, a poet and prophet whose words had the nation’s ears. In 1972 Marley signed by Island Records and started his solo career. The following year Catch a Fire debuted, hitting 51 on Billboard’s 200. After the huge success of this album, Bob Marley and the Wailers continued to produce chart topper albums, such as “Natty Dread”, “Rastaman Vibration” and “Uprising”. (Rollingstone)


Bob Marley was an imaginative musician, as well as a songwriter of beauty and a harmonious singer. He was revolutionary proportion. He was the first international superstar to originate from a third world country and said to be the last. The pure emotion that is poured into the lyrics and melodies of Marley’s songs define and represent his genius and brilliance.




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This is why you should never, ever get your hopes up. This is why you should see the glass as half empty. So when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated
– Cheerios
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Arctic Monkeys


Unknown,(2013).Available:http://www.gigslutz.co.uk/wpcontent/uploads/2014/02/arctic_monkeys_2-97.jpg Accessed (March 7 2014).

The 2013 release of the album AM soared the unknown English Indie rock band, led by lead singer Alex Tuner into immediate fame. The 14-track album found its way to the top of the billboards and the American music charts, within weeks of its first debut. With all albums hitting number one on the British music charts, the Arctic monkeys have drastically influenced and shaped British music (MTV 2013).

In 2002 this upbeat indie band quartet entered the music scene. After numerous band practises, Arctic Monkeys started signing gigs and created their own fan base. A few demo tapes later, Arctic Monkeys established themselves in the middle of the growing media. By 2005 they were signed with Domino Records. Their retro and neo-punk sound grasped audiences throwing the bands 3rd album, Favourite Worst Nightmare onto the Top 200 of the UK singles charts. Alex Tuners influential lyrics and catchy tunes lead the band to take home two titles at the 2008 Brit Awards (Rolling Stones 2011).

With numerous music titles under their belts, Arctic Monkeys decided to take a new approach to their music. By collaborating with producers James Ford and Josh Homme, it allowed Arctic Monkeys to develop a new band sound. After taking a year off, their 4th album, At the Apollo, sadly did not make it on Brittan’s top charts. As their fan base started diminishing Arctic Monkeys were desperate to pull out a chart toper album.

AM, the bands most recent album hit the stores in the summer of 2013, triumphing over all their other albums. Alex Tuner’s pure brilliance and musical talent has contributed to the success of this terrific album. Songs such as “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine” display the bands rugged and indie sound. The use of vocals and lyrics brings their music to life. Alex’s smooth and seductive voice creates a calming atmosphere for the listeners, making AM their finest album.

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Wake up to the dark morning sky

Many people can look at a thing-

and see a bunch of different things.

It depends on your perception-

or if you wish, your point of view,

and no matter what people want you to see,

remember to stay true to you.

You are your own person!

No matter what people may think.

So if someone sees a dirty weed-

where you see a flower,

believe in what you see,

keep your thoughts your own and free,

Don’t submit to their power-

Believe in your little flower.


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Part 2

The large, stone, walls closed in on him.

Jack had been waiting. It had been two days now. The small light in the corner hit the bars, which cast shadows on the wall. Jack could not sleep. He had been so close, and this was a major setback. He had no one to help him. He had foolishly revealed the names and locations of the rest of the resistance against the king. How long would it take to undo this, he wondered, how long must it be until I can have another opportunity like that. He guessed that he would be in this filthy, claustrophobic cell, which he resented for the rest of his days, which wasn’t very long. But he remained hopeful, for if he did not have hope, he would have nothing, nothing to look foreword to, nothing to anticipate, and what kind of a life was that? Who would…

But his thoughts were cut off by the sound of guards speaking quickly to each other in slang. “But why Marty? Why ‘ave we gotta work tonite too? Can’t we just go ‘ome?” “Boss says no, dipshit, this ‘ns dangerous and we gotta get all the talk outta ‘im before ‘e cant talk no more.”

Their footprints were heavy and echoed in the silence. Jack could see the shadows of the two large, burly looking men on the walls. Finally, the two men reached poor Jack’s cell, and a torch, which one of them was holding, illuminated his purple, beaten face, which was scattered with cuts and bruises. “Up!” said the stupid brute who was jack’s superior, “or we’ll force you” Jack reluctantly climbed to his feet, using the table beside him for support as one of the guards turned the key to open his cell door. They grabbed him, and pulled him out of his cell, taunting him in ways that only accented their idiocy, “‘aving a hard time are we?” The guard said as Jack stumbled along “We’ll see if you can even bring yourself to your feet once we finish round 2.” Jack was dragged down the corridor and down the stairs to the large room which he was well aquatinted with from past experience…


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Fresh year of Surfing

What another great year of surfing for 2013.
With Mick Fanning (Australian Surfer) winning his 4th ASP world
title (Association of surfing) at the pipemasters with Kelly slater just
missing out. Kelly didn’t go home empty handed though he was crowned
pipemasters champion of 2013. 2014 started with bang with waves reaching up to
10 meters!! These monster waves were hitting the west coast of the UK in
Cornwall and west coast of France in the region of Bretagne. Even some surfers
try to catch these monster waves. What a great way to start 2014 the year of
the XXL waves.

– GD


(LA Weekly, 2013)

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The Notorious B.I.G

Christopher Wallace, also known as Biggie Smalls and Notorious B.I.G was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Ready to Die, Biggie Smalls debut albums lead the new East coast rapper to instant fame. Promoting Sean “Puffy” Combs new record label, Bad Boy into the hip hop and rap industry. Ready to Die captured the artists mesmerizing change from a thug drug dealer into a world renowned rapper. Biggie Smalls spectacular hits, “Juicy” and “Big Poppa” launched the new and inexperienced artists album to becoming a platinum record.

Biggie Smalls’ fame came as a shock. To stay grounded the rapper decided to share his prosperity with artists under Sean “Puffy” Combs label. Since he grew up in violent childhood, he sympathised those who struggled to leave behind their dark past. Notorious B.I.G once said, “Hustlers were my heroes. Everything happened on the strip I grew up in. It didn’t matter where you went, it was all in your face,” (Biography 2002). However as his wealth increased his past came back to haunt him. The popularity of Ready to Die caused pessimistic criticism. He told the New York Times in 1994 “he was disliked for having more money,” (The New York Times 1994), his constant fear of dying led to his down spiral. This obsession resulted in anxiety, which later led to unsystematic out spurts of aggression. In 1997 Biggie was murdered after attending the Soul Train Music Awards. A car pulled up next to him and shot the 24-year-old rapper.  

Biggie Small incorporates unsophisticated lyrics and bland beats, making his album mediocre. Although Biggie is an exceptional rapper, the beats and melodies that are used throughout the album don’t capture the listener’s attention and are generic. When hearing about Biggie extraordinary album, Ready to Die, I had high expectations, but after listing to the album, it was apparent that there were only two top hits on the album, “Juicy” and “Big Poppa.” Besides these two songs the rest of the album was drastically disappointing. Biggies sinister and disquieting lyrics and tone of his album, was off-putting and unsatisfactory.

– EL

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Still Want You Here

We think we know people

And sometimes we do

But sometimes it’s scary

When they do something new

Something you wouldn’t expect

Something they just hide

Something completely opposite and crazy

Something they had inside

So when someone you thought you knew

Does something strange and weird

Don’t get scared and run away

Because in the end

They’ll still want you here


– EP

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In the early 90’s, a trio rock band hit the music scene, with their debut album, Bleach, selling over 35,000 copies. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Nirvana’s leader, Kurt Cobain, was “Seattle’s resident genius” (Rolling Stone 1).  

            Kurt Cobain came from a chaotic background, after the divorce of his parents he bounced back and forth between the homes of numerous relatives. Soon enough, metal and punk music had intertwined into Cobain’s lifestyle. Through a close friend, Buzz Osborne, Kurt met Chris Novoselic (the bass player of Nirvana). Kurt and Chris’s preferred music genre alienated them from the conservatives of Aberdeen, Washington. Together they formed a band.  It wasn’t until 1987 that the band decided to call them “Nirvana”.

            Their second album, “Nevermind” was released on September 24th, 1991, becoming a chart toper. Eventually reaching the top of American Top ten, pushing one of Michel Jackson’s albums out of the top album charts. Nirvana’s up in coming fame was a surprise to the music industry. The sudden fame took a toll on the band. Nirvana’s alternative and raw style changed society’s view on punk and rock music. In Utero followed in 1993, becoming Kurt Cobain’s last album. In April 1994, Cobain committed suicide.

             Nirvana’s intimate and rebellious lyrics captives the grunge feels of the early 1990’s. Kurt Cobain’s rough and raspy voice lures the audience, making Nirvana one of the most prominent bands of all time. Nirvana’s guitar melodies and drum beats work harmoniously creating a relaxed atmosphere. Overall I believe Nirvana is the utmost rock band to ever exist. 

– EL

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About a Boy – Film Review

About a Boy is a film that I saw about a year ago and I really liked it very much.

It is a very moving story about a single man, Will who is very rich and does not have to work because his father wrote a very famous Christmas song and he made lots of money and his son Will is living off the royalties from the song.

Will is very immature and has lots of girlfriends and he does not want to commit and get married. Will meets Marcus, a 12 year old weird boy through one of his girlfriends. It is strange that Marcus would like Will to date his depressed mother, but Will is not interested in her and he is not interested in this unusual boy either.

Marcus is bullied at school and he finds comfort in going to see Will after school. The two of them become friends and Will will help Marcus overcome his low self esteem. He will go and help him sing at his school concert. Marcus, although is a young boy, will help Will realize his life is very shallow and meaningless and that it is good to help others and care about people. So in the end there is a happy ending because Fiona, Marcus’ mother will find love again and won’t be depressed any more. Marcus will find in Will a father figure, a friend, somebody who would support and help him. A figure he never had in his life before. Will will understand with the help of a teenager what was missing in his life and his life will become happier because he discovers how great it is to help other people and help them make them happy. I like this kind of film with a happy ending and where people become better in the end and realize their mistakes.

– SP

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