ISL London MT Blog Guidelines

MTblog is a companion website for the ISL community. This blog is created to link all the international MT groups. Through texts and images students are able to express themselves and connect with a variety of cultures. The main objective is to create a living intercultural forum.

Submissions for this blog can be sent to:

The purpose of this blog is for students to…
Express their ideas
Read about people views
Become familiar with numerous cultures
Discuss any current events

To use the blog you need to follow these guidelines :
not be offensive to other peoples work
not encourage conflict
respect other peoples work and their individual point of view
not plagiarize
Use appropriate language
not publish photos without the person’s consent

It is understood if these rules are broken there will be consequences depending on the severity of the action. Examples of consequences:
Deleting of the comment
Taking away blogging privileges
Referral to the school administration

If anybody violates any of these terms they will be disciplined through the school code of conduct.

Blog expectations

1. Everyone should respect the culture and beliefs of one another.
2. We believe that the rule of censorship should be present and references should be added for obtained information.
3. We believe that each individual should have a right to express their own opinion, however should meet the editing criteria.
4. We believe that there should be a link created between different cultures.
5. We believe that people in charge of the blog should have the right to post and edit the information posted by others.
6. We believe that a variety of media should be utilised while posting.
7. We believe that the comments and posts should be relevant to the topic.

Posting comments

In order to preserve the privacy of our users, the following procedures need to be adhered to:
• Refrain from using your full name.
• Personal information should not be posted onto the blog.
In an attempt to keep our blog suitable for all, here are a few procedures that need to be followed:
• All comments should be posted in Standard English
• The use of inappropriate or aggressive language is forbidden on our blog and will result in severe measures taken if used.
• Whilst debating is encouraged on our blog, the practice should be controlled, addressed with respect, and adhering to all of the above guidelines.

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