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For Tim

It sucks you’re not here

mother tongue feels more empty, English A feels more empty, photography feels more empty…

be back soon

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We miss you man.

Most of my classes aren’t the same without you (mostly because you were the only one that knew the answers!)

You always managed to make everyone smile, mostly with lame jokes, but still, that counts for something right?

I know you feel pretty down about missing school but honestly it’s really not that interesting, just the same old boring classes to be honest.

Anyways, I hope you come back soon because our mother tongue class all miss you!!

Hope you feel better soon, and remember we are all here if you ever need to talk about anything.

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Part 4

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Doesn’t make much difference though

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Part 3

When he awoke, the night was releasing its suffocating grip on the land, revealing the harsh sun. To believe that it had only been one night was difficult, and he feared for how long he would be able to bear this suffering. He laid awake for what seemed like days on his cold, hard bed, and after that, he got up slowly, with a light head. When the room had ceased its violent and sickening spinning, jack noticed a small tray on the ground. He approached the silver platter, he noticed that it had a piece of bread and a bowl of soup sitting atop it. It was only now that jack realised how hungry he was. After he had finished devouring the food, a small note entered his attention. Folded over four times, it had an eerie perfection about it. He slowly picked it up, unfolding it with absolutely no haste, until it had been fully opened. It read “do not feel afraid, for you do not stand alone.”

After this, jack pondered who this person or people could be, and why they could want anything to do with him, but he could only ponder, for the next three days, absolutely nothing happened. The only events that passed through his petty life was the coming and going of food, uneaten by him for he was too wrapped up in this note so mysterious, which he expertly kept from the guards, until one night, when a dark figure entered the room. His dark face was completely unrecognizable to jack and the only words that this dark person spoke were “follow me to safety” Jack immediately rose from his bed, taking one last look as he exited. They walked swiftly in silence, with haste, they turned corner after corner, always avoiding the guards, until they reached the main gate, at which there were no guards, and jack wondered what could have possibly happened to them as they moved through the gates that hung open…

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