The Wolf of Wall Street – Movie Review


(Google, 2014)

This movie is fantastic and true it is based on the book which is based on a real character named Jordan Belfort who served 22 months of a 4 year sentence, He was convicted of fraud crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a penny stock boiler room. He had also had to pay 110$ million in restitution this was because of what he had done. The movie portrays his life on Wall Street and most things that had been written in the book although not everything in the film is real and actually happened.

In the movie Jordan Belfort is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio who had nominated for 2 Oscars this year. One for Best Performance by an Actor in a leading role, and also a Best Motion Picture of Year. But of Course he didn’t win. This movie is grip taking and you won’t believe some of the stuff Jordan had done.

The Wolf of Wall Street centers on Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), an ambitious young stockbroker who figured out a back door into the world of finance. Belfort’s back door was ‘penny stocks’, seemingly worthless options that he sold to susceptible buyers. The stock’s value and viability didn’t bother Belfort, as his commission on sales was a whopping 50%. With Belfort’s meteoric rise came an almost insatiable desire for the finer things in life, and he used every possible opportunity to display it. The only thing more dangerous than Jordan’s addiction to spending other people’s money was his inhuman ingestion of drugs (Especially ludes, which seem like really bad news). The Wolf (Jordan’s Nick name) has zero interest in covering the emotional and financial fallout of Belfort and cronies, instead the film unflinchingly zeroes in on every aspect of Belfort’s sordid lifestyle, leaving you breathless and exhausted  (or if you are a bore, exasperated) by its end. By the time the credits roll, you’ll feel like going to rehab.

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2 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Street – Movie Review

  1. EL

    good review

  2. Dana Rawdah

    Great review! I love your descriptions and my favourite has to be the last line. I immediately understood the after effect ( impact) of this movie.

    Keep it up T!

    Miss Rawdah

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