Arctic Monkeys


Unknown,(2013).Available: Accessed (March 7 2014).

The 2013 release of the album AM soared the unknown English Indie rock band, led by lead singer Alex Tuner into immediate fame. The 14-track album found its way to the top of the billboards and the American music charts, within weeks of its first debut. With all albums hitting number one on the British music charts, the Arctic monkeys have drastically influenced and shaped British music (MTV 2013).

In 2002 this upbeat indie band quartet entered the music scene. After numerous band practises, Arctic Monkeys started signing gigs and created their own fan base. A few demo tapes later, Arctic Monkeys established themselves in the middle of the growing media. By 2005 they were signed with Domino Records. Their retro and neo-punk sound grasped audiences throwing the bands 3rd album, Favourite Worst Nightmare onto the Top 200 of the UK singles charts. Alex Tuners influential lyrics and catchy tunes lead the band to take home two titles at the 2008 Brit Awards (Rolling Stones 2011).

With numerous music titles under their belts, Arctic Monkeys decided to take a new approach to their music. By collaborating with producers James Ford and Josh Homme, it allowed Arctic Monkeys to develop a new band sound. After taking a year off, their 4th album, At the Apollo, sadly did not make it on Brittan’s top charts. As their fan base started diminishing Arctic Monkeys were desperate to pull out a chart toper album.

AM, the bands most recent album hit the stores in the summer of 2013, triumphing over all their other albums. Alex Tuner’s pure brilliance and musical talent has contributed to the success of this terrific album. Songs such as “Do I Wanna Know” and “R U Mine” display the bands rugged and indie sound. The use of vocals and lyrics brings their music to life. Alex’s smooth and seductive voice creates a calming atmosphere for the listeners, making AM their finest album.

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5 thoughts on “Arctic Monkeys

  1. M

    I love the language you use in this review

  2. eliza

    love their music. great review!

  3. V

    great band, great review

  4. Dana Rawdah

    E, I am impressed by your reviews and by your use of proper citations. Please keep up the great work!

    Miss Rawdah

  5. drew

    awesome! very informative

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