Part 2

The large, stone, walls closed in on him.

Jack had been waiting. It had been two days now. The small light in the corner hit the bars, which cast shadows on the wall. Jack could not sleep. He had been so close, and this was a major setback. He had no one to help him. He had foolishly revealed the names and locations of the rest of the resistance against the king. How long would it take to undo this, he wondered, how long must it be until I can have another opportunity like that. He guessed that he would be in this filthy, claustrophobic cell, which he resented for the rest of his days, which wasn’t very long. But he remained hopeful, for if he did not have hope, he would have nothing, nothing to look foreword to, nothing to anticipate, and what kind of a life was that? Who would…

But his thoughts were cut off by the sound of guards speaking quickly to each other in slang. “But why Marty? Why ‘ave we gotta work tonite too? Can’t we just go ‘ome?” “Boss says no, dipshit, this ‘ns dangerous and we gotta get all the talk outta ‘im before ‘e cant talk no more.”

Their footprints were heavy and echoed in the silence. Jack could see the shadows of the two large, burly looking men on the walls. Finally, the two men reached poor Jack’s cell, and a torch, which one of them was holding, illuminated his purple, beaten face, which was scattered with cuts and bruises. “Up!” said the stupid brute who was jack’s superior, “or we’ll force you” Jack reluctantly climbed to his feet, using the table beside him for support as one of the guards turned the key to open his cell door. They grabbed him, and pulled him out of his cell, taunting him in ways that only accented their idiocy, “‘aving a hard time are we?” The guard said as Jack stumbled along “We’ll see if you can even bring yourself to your feet once we finish round 2.” Jack was dragged down the corridor and down the stairs to the large room which he was well aquatinted with from past experience…


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4 thoughts on “

  1. ubg'oawh

    it was very suspenseful, made me want to read more.

  2. eliza

    really good

  3. Eleanor

    Nice story. The use of cliff hangers lures in the reader.

  4. M

    your use of cliffhangers makes me want to keep reading!

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