Fresh year of Surfing

What another great year of surfing for 2013.
With Mick Fanning (Australian Surfer) winning his 4th ASP world
title (Association of surfing) at the pipemasters with Kelly slater just
missing out. Kelly didn’t go home empty handed though he was crowned
pipemasters champion of 2013. 2014 started with bang with waves reaching up to
10 meters!! These monster waves were hitting the west coast of the UK in
Cornwall and west coast of France in the region of Bretagne. Even some surfers
try to catch these monster waves. What a great way to start 2014 the year of
the XXL waves.

– GD


(LA Weekly, 2013)

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5 thoughts on “Fresh year of Surfing

  1. Dana Rawdah

    GD, this is very interesting. However, I want that you are writing for a large audience. For example: I am not a surfing follower or fan, however I am interested in becoming one, but your review didn’t explain much to me. It was very short and left out a lot of potentially exciting descriptions which would have intrigued me.

    Try and use more descriptive language to entice your readers. All of your readers.

    I look forward to reading more. Well done!

    Ms Rawdah

  2. EAA

    Sounds exciting. I’d love to read another article explaining what it actually takes to ride monster waves, as it is hugely dangerous!

  3. eliza

    nice to learn about something new and exciting like surfing!

  4. Eleanor

    Good review

  5. robby wallace

    cool review, the presents weren’t cheap either.

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