Still Want You Here

We think we know people

And sometimes we do

But sometimes it’s scary

When they do something new

Something you wouldn’t expect

Something they just hide

Something completely opposite and crazy

Something they had inside

So when someone you thought you knew

Does something strange and weird

Don’t get scared and run away

Because in the end

They’ll still want you here


– EP

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5 thoughts on “Still Want You Here

  1. Miss Rawdah

    I really like the message in this poem! I think it could be further developed. I also suggest you reconsider your ending. I feel it is not as powerful as the poem content and does not linger with the reader. Take another look at it and see if you can further develop it, and end it differently.

    Good job! Keep it up.

    Miss Rawdah

  2. Tyler

    Very good poem, very meaning full

  3. no, the ending is the best part of this poem

  4. drew

    Great poem, I like how it rhymes.

  5. cool

    beautiful beautiful poem

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