About a Boy – Film Review

About a Boy is a film that I saw about a year ago and I really liked it very much.

It is a very moving story about a single man, Will who is very rich and does not have to work because his father wrote a very famous Christmas song and he made lots of money and his son Will is living off the royalties from the song.

Will is very immature and has lots of girlfriends and he does not want to commit and get married. Will meets Marcus, a 12 year old weird boy through one of his girlfriends. It is strange that Marcus would like Will to date his depressed mother, but Will is not interested in her and he is not interested in this unusual boy either.

Marcus is bullied at school and he finds comfort in going to see Will after school. The two of them become friends and Will will help Marcus overcome his low self esteem. He will go and help him sing at his school concert. Marcus, although is a young boy, will help Will realize his life is very shallow and meaningless and that it is good to help others and care about people. So in the end there is a happy ending because Fiona, Marcus’ mother will find love again and won’t be depressed any more. Marcus will find in Will a father figure, a friend, somebody who would support and help him. A figure he never had in his life before. Will will understand with the help of a teenager what was missing in his life and his life will become happier because he discovers how great it is to help other people and help them make them happy. I like this kind of film with a happy ending and where people become better in the end and realize their mistakes.

– SP

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2 thoughts on “About a Boy – Film Review

  1. Miss Rawdah

    I am really glad that you enjoyed the film, and I enjoyed your perspective of it. I would like that you have a classmate look at your next entry before submitting it, only to give you any helpful feedback and to help you with proofing it.

    I also want you to look at your next film in a more objective manner and try to use more critical terminology.

    Very good start! Keep going.

    Miss Rawdah

  2. Going to watch it

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