Movie of the Month

The recent movie, ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, an excellent film by Director J.J. Abrams, continued to bring the adrenaline and tension that many ‘Trekkies’ have enjoyed for decades. The special effects are out of this world and so is the storyline. The story focuses both on friendship, revenge, and love. We get a deep look into the mind of Spock and the new character, Khan.

The story begins with Khan attempting to retrieve his sleep frozen crew from the Fleet of Star trek. When Kerk’s friend and Captain, Christopher Pike, is murdered by Khan he seeks revenge and is granted a private mission to find and kill Khan.

When Khan is captured he tells his side of the story to Kerk. Kerk learns that the Admiral of the Fleet is selfish and has his own plans. Throughout the story Khan continues to be the bad guy but he provides an argument that many audience members can see and sympathize with. The movie ends how any other movie ends; with the bad guy dying.

This movie is excellent because it has action but a storyline. Unlike some movies, ‘Star trek into darkness’ has a sensible and accurate storyline. Actors Christopher pike, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch bring their characters to life and perfects their role as the original actors have done in the original shows.



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One thought on “Movie of the Month

  1. Ms. Rawdah

    Your summary of the movie was very clear. I would like that you give more of a critique. Elaborate on what you wrote above and be aware of using more appropriate terms such as: plot, setting, protagonist, climax etc…

    Good job!

    Ms. Rawdah

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