Hellboy Review


The trailer was strong: lots of action, snappy dialog and an improbable hero in the form of Hellboy, a large red man with chopped-off horns growing out of his forehead. 

Ron Perlman is the big ugly guy and he’s got a crush on Selma Blair, who likes to burst into flames (Hellboy is conveniently flame-retardent). They, the FBI and an Aqua Man collaborate to fight an odd assemblage of evil-doers that are a mix of Nazis from 1944, Rasputin and scary monsters of unknown origin. 

It’s a confusing stew of ideas and characters that rarely gets off the ground, and that’s usually when Hellboy is being jealous of Blair. Unfortunately for this save-the-world movie, there’s little sense of mortal danger, generating mostly an indifference in the viewers, I personally said, “well, that’s one DVD I won’t have to buy.” 

Still worth a watch.


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One thought on “Hellboy Review

  1. Ms. Rawdah

    Good review! How could it be improved? I want that you re-read it and see if there are any changes that could be made.

    Ms. Rawdah

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