(Banksy, Google Images, 2014)

It takes all my strength to grip the string as tightly as I can.

But as the viscous winds of life blow and blow and blow as if they dreamt of being a hurricane

my grip weakens. My fingers begin to uncurl

and my heart escapes me.



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3 thoughts on “

  1. Ms. Rawdah

    Very nice. I like how you used Banksy’s image to illustrate more meaning.

    Ms. Rawdah

  2. Miss Rawdah

    Can you give your poem a title? Currently it appears as a number : 210.

    Thank you,

    Miss Rawdah

  3. Miss Rawdah

    Thank you for participating and reading our blog! Please do not use names, only initials. This is for safety reasons.

    Miss Rawdah

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