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Still Want You Here

We think we know people

And sometimes we do

But sometimes it’s scary

When they do something new

Something you wouldn’t expect

Something they just hide

Something completely opposite and crazy

Something they had inside

So when someone you thought you knew

Does something strange and weird

Don’t get scared and run away

Because in the end

They’ll still want you here


– EP

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In the early 90’s, a trio rock band hit the music scene, with their debut album, Bleach, selling over 35,000 copies. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Nirvana’s leader, Kurt Cobain, was “Seattle’s resident genius” (Rolling Stone 1).  

            Kurt Cobain came from a chaotic background, after the divorce of his parents he bounced back and forth between the homes of numerous relatives. Soon enough, metal and punk music had intertwined into Cobain’s lifestyle. Through a close friend, Buzz Osborne, Kurt met Chris Novoselic (the bass player of Nirvana). Kurt and Chris’s preferred music genre alienated them from the conservatives of Aberdeen, Washington. Together they formed a band.  It wasn’t until 1987 that the band decided to call them “Nirvana”.

            Their second album, “Nevermind” was released on September 24th, 1991, becoming a chart toper. Eventually reaching the top of American Top ten, pushing one of Michel Jackson’s albums out of the top album charts. Nirvana’s up in coming fame was a surprise to the music industry. The sudden fame took a toll on the band. Nirvana’s alternative and raw style changed society’s view on punk and rock music. In Utero followed in 1993, becoming Kurt Cobain’s last album. In April 1994, Cobain committed suicide.

             Nirvana’s intimate and rebellious lyrics captives the grunge feels of the early 1990’s. Kurt Cobain’s rough and raspy voice lures the audience, making Nirvana one of the most prominent bands of all time. Nirvana’s guitar melodies and drum beats work harmoniously creating a relaxed atmosphere. Overall I believe Nirvana is the utmost rock band to ever exist. 

– EL

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About a Boy – Film Review

About a Boy is a film that I saw about a year ago and I really liked it very much.

It is a very moving story about a single man, Will who is very rich and does not have to work because his father wrote a very famous Christmas song and he made lots of money and his son Will is living off the royalties from the song.

Will is very immature and has lots of girlfriends and he does not want to commit and get married. Will meets Marcus, a 12 year old weird boy through one of his girlfriends. It is strange that Marcus would like Will to date his depressed mother, but Will is not interested in her and he is not interested in this unusual boy either.

Marcus is bullied at school and he finds comfort in going to see Will after school. The two of them become friends and Will will help Marcus overcome his low self esteem. He will go and help him sing at his school concert. Marcus, although is a young boy, will help Will realize his life is very shallow and meaningless and that it is good to help others and care about people. So in the end there is a happy ending because Fiona, Marcus’ mother will find love again and won’t be depressed any more. Marcus will find in Will a father figure, a friend, somebody who would support and help him. A figure he never had in his life before. Will will understand with the help of a teenager what was missing in his life and his life will become happier because he discovers how great it is to help other people and help them make them happy. I like this kind of film with a happy ending and where people become better in the end and realize their mistakes.

– SP

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The night had been silent and uneventful.


Jack crept down the street that was scattered with bits of plastic and other trash that had been there for months. It was after 8:00 pm, and if he was caught he would have no excuse. He was almost there, and he seemed to walk slower than normally. The sound of metal on the ground startled him, but was merely a trashcan that had been knocked to the uneven ground. He continued to walk quickly. The last of the autumn sun was casting a low, orange light onto the roofs of the tall buildings that encased him. The day was the 17th of autumn 2013.  


Jack Anderson was a 37-year-old man who had been oppressed for too long.  It had been 20 years since the tyrant, the Dictator whose name was unknown, had enslaved the United Kingdom. This man had been known as the saviour, but no one knows how he came to be called this. No one had ever heard him speak, no one had ever seen his face. This mysterious man had slowly taken control of the British Isles and had been in power for years. And Jack was fed up.  It was 2 months since Jack had begun sending messages to the rumoured freed peoples in France, but it had been even longer that he had been pondering the idea of escape.


He was almost there, he could see the wall and it was gloriously horrible. It towered a good 150 meters over the tops of the buildings. As he turned the last corner he nearly fell onto his back as bright lights suddenly shone onto his face…


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(Banksy, Google Images, 2014)

It takes all my strength to grip the string as tightly as I can.

But as the viscous winds of life blow and blow and blow as if they dreamt of being a hurricane

my grip weakens. My fingers begin to uncurl

and my heart escapes me.



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Movie of the Month

The recent movie, ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, an excellent film by Director J.J. Abrams, continued to bring the adrenaline and tension that many ‘Trekkies’ have enjoyed for decades. The special effects are out of this world and so is the storyline. The story focuses both on friendship, revenge, and love. We get a deep look into the mind of Spock and the new character, Khan.

The story begins with Khan attempting to retrieve his sleep frozen crew from the Fleet of Star trek. When Kerk’s friend and Captain, Christopher Pike, is murdered by Khan he seeks revenge and is granted a private mission to find and kill Khan.

When Khan is captured he tells his side of the story to Kerk. Kerk learns that the Admiral of the Fleet is selfish and has his own plans. Throughout the story Khan continues to be the bad guy but he provides an argument that many audience members can see and sympathize with. The movie ends how any other movie ends; with the bad guy dying.

This movie is excellent because it has action but a storyline. Unlike some movies, ‘Star trek into darkness’ has a sensible and accurate storyline. Actors Christopher pike, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch bring their characters to life and perfects their role as the original actors have done in the original shows.



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Hellboy Review


The trailer was strong: lots of action, snappy dialog and an improbable hero in the form of Hellboy, a large red man with chopped-off horns growing out of his forehead. 

Ron Perlman is the big ugly guy and he’s got a crush on Selma Blair, who likes to burst into flames (Hellboy is conveniently flame-retardent). They, the FBI and an Aqua Man collaborate to fight an odd assemblage of evil-doers that are a mix of Nazis from 1944, Rasputin and scary monsters of unknown origin. 

It’s a confusing stew of ideas and characters that rarely gets off the ground, and that’s usually when Hellboy is being jealous of Blair. Unfortunately for this save-the-world movie, there’s little sense of mortal danger, generating mostly an indifference in the viewers, I personally said, “well, that’s one DVD I won’t have to buy.” 

Still worth a watch.


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