The World outside My Home, SG

The World outside My Home
One of my dreams which I have had for quite a long time is to travel the world. Well I am destined to have many dreams, as my name suggests. Well, ‘SAPNA’, that’s my name- which in Hindi, means ‘Dreams’! But coming back to the subject, this is my reason to blog. My family and I together have travelled to at least seven major places, but the one that has been most significant is the one that we have made to London. Even though I have lived and done schooling here once already (four years ago), my excitement in coming here again has not decreased by any value. However, it has always been like “here I am-I’m not in a lost world, but one which is supplementing my real home, back in India.” But there was one hitch I had, that concerned me when I came here. I guess it was a problem that every ‘new kid’ faces. Will I be comfortable in my new school? Will the people approve me of the way I am? Will I get any friends at all, especially after being surrounded with so many friends? Moreover, the school which I will be going to is an International school, where there was no concept of uniforms. That was what troubled me the most; I would have to pick up a distinct dress every day and go to school filled with nervousness. However, I did realise that a few days was all I needed to settle. Well, the first day of my school was not bad after all. I had made friends the very first day and we were talking like we would on any other usual day. This school, I feel, has completely no rules at all! For the first couple of days, it does feel awkward not being imposed under any pressure. But it was exactly what I needed, to have the liberty to do things at my own will and pace. I did not have to worry about so many things, anyway, only if it hadn’t been for me to realise things in the first place.
~ SG

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3 thoughts on “The World outside My Home, SG

  1. Mrs de Castro

    Welcome to our class! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece. It’s wonderful how you have shared your experience! Mrs de Castro

  2. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story especially the part you came to this school. I had the same weird feeling that there were no uniforms in this school. I strongly agree to you!

  3. K.O

    I think it is really good how you have shared you r experiences too and I sympathized some of the content such as about the uniform. Before coming this International school, I went to private school so i had the uniform as well. So it was quite annoying to decide the cloth every single day. Also I had the same feeling before the first day of school. I really enjoyed this story.

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