English MT unit on poetry, FD

Haya & Chocolate

After four month

Haya , my mum

Reunited with her

Love,chocolate. Yum!!

My mum ate the

chocolate and

Said yum, my mum!!

After one week

She, with her dark chocolaty eyes,

Looked at dark chocolate and

Sat on a dier!!!

My friend,

Nothing  can come between us,

There is noting any1 can do,

2 keep us apart, I have , so much ,

love, respect 4 U.

I would do anything 4U.

U make me lauf everyday,

My best friend….

My phone!

~ FD

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2 thoughts on “English MT unit on poetry, FD

  1. Rock

    FD whoever you might be,
    i like your poems don’t you see.
    I like the humour and the thought,
    I do wonder if you mum is going to ever stop.
    Your poems, they are true,
    I am obessed with your poems AND you!

    Nice Job FD

  2. ET

    My favourite one is My bestfriend, because it made me laugh.

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