English MT unit on poetry, DS


On the icy moonlit ground

They will tremble with the count

Slow and heavy steps are heard

And the clashing of the sword


     Hear the terror of the swords

     Iron swords swords swords

     Even sharper than the words


With the deaf and frantic fire

With the desperate desire

They will shiver with affright

In the startled ear of night


     Hear the rust within their throats

     Silver swords swords swords

     For every sounding cell that floats


With the crystalline delight

In illuminating light

They would clang and clash and roar

What a horror they’d outpour


     Hear the anger of the swords

     Golden swords swords swords

     Cutting all the silent cords


With the mercy of the fire

They will take you higher higher

How they groan and how they moan

With the sound of monotone


     Hear the violence of the sword

     Bloody sword sword sword

     How many lives she had ignored


Screaming mad alarum bells

How the danger sinks and swells

It’s the terror they foretell

With eternal their compel


     Hear the silence of the sword

     Lonely sword sword sword

     Lying on the grave of lord

~ DS

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3 thoughts on “English MT unit on poetry, DS

  1. I really liked this poem and i think it is really professional. If i didn’t know it was a student that wrote I would surely not know it.

  2. The poem was really long and i really enjoyed it.

  3. i really liked the swords poem. It was proffesional and inspiring

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