English MT unit on poetry, SM

Together We Last

Young, free, and content,
Powerful above all? If you say so..
Could it be better? or maybe a small sting?
There’s so much to admire,
So much thought,
Yet so much there to accomplish.
Should I give up hope?
Or wait until you find no one better?

How could I be this shallow?
Could it really be?

Maybe this poem makes no sense at all,
But do you notice a pattern or just a plea?
The message is in the poem, has it come across?
Well that’s my message, give it some thought.

Never Alone

As the wind blows by,
The people start to commence
And the light shines bright.

Nothing in the way,
No restrictions of any way
Wall broken away

To summarize now
I shall say that you are not
Going alone away.

I Would Say

On a hot sunny winter,
nothing can come in the way,
there’s nothing anyone can do, 2 keep me away.
So much love for you, I’ll go all daway.
Ur butie drives moi crazy,
and for you ill pray.
I would 8-2 see you leave one day.
If I could be with you all day,
I would say.
But lyfe iz 2 complex to say.
U keep me going everyday,
for I will be with you one day.
Arsenal FC, I’ll love you till the final day.

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One thought on “English MT unit on poetry, SM

  1. JC

    These poems are so awesome on so many different levels cause it talks about feeling and I can actually sense those feelings of being alone or have feelings towards somebody. another level I can relate to these poems is that I too am an Arsenal fan and in the last poem you said about 8-2 and how is was difficult whne we lost. But you wrote about how you still loved the club. I think that is seriously special.

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