English MT unit on poetry, RH

An Idea

An idea is contagious,

It spreads throughout the mind,

An idea is what’ll change us,

We don’t know what we’ll find,

Once it creeps inside you,

You’ll never get it out,

It’ll mould and make you,

Or it’ll leave you in doubt,

However, the real question,

Is your idea good or bad?

If you can’t find the answer,

It’ll drive you mad.

The Finish Line

A light that shines,

To illuminate my skies,

The light leading me to the line,

Through twists and turns,

My desire still yearns,

The Desire for the Finish Line,

I’ll pursue and overtake,

Do whatever it takes,

To be the first to cross,

And as I drive to the line,

I know that it is time,

I’ve reached the Finish Line.

Hopes and Dreams

I’m chasing my dreams,

I’ll do whatever it takes,

I’ll run forever


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