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English MT unit on poetry, SA

Barky the spotty dog
Feeling very bored,
I take Barky for a walk.
He’s a spotty dog.

Barky won’t stay still
‘Cause he chases colour pink
That’s the ladies purse!

Selfless thing
May be rough or smooth
There to catch you if you fall.
Guess what? I’m the floor!

Arrival of Spring

The black winter leaves
And the withering flowers
Explode into doves.
The soft sunlight touch
The flowing glorious stream
I know Spring is here.

Lying on a hill
I watch clouds go by, how here
Disturbance is nil.

~ SA

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The World outside My Home, SG

The World outside My Home
One of my dreams which I have had for quite a long time is to travel the world. Well I am destined to have many dreams, as my name suggests. Well, ‘SAPNA’, that’s my name- which in Hindi, means ‘Dreams’! But coming back to the subject, this is my reason to blog. My family and I together have travelled to at least seven major places, but the one that has been most significant is the one that we have made to London. Even though I have lived and done schooling here once already (four years ago), my excitement in coming here again has not decreased by any value. However, it has always been like “here I am-I’m not in a lost world, but one which is supplementing my real home, back in India.” But there was one hitch I had, that concerned me when I came here. I guess it was a problem that every ‘new kid’ faces. Will I be comfortable in my new school? Will the people approve me of the way I am? Will I get any friends at all, especially after being surrounded with so many friends? Moreover, the school which I will be going to is an International school, where there was no concept of uniforms. That was what troubled me the most; I would have to pick up a distinct dress every day and go to school filled with nervousness. However, I did realise that a few days was all I needed to settle. Well, the first day of my school was not bad after all. I had made friends the very first day and we were talking like we would on any other usual day. This school, I feel, has completely no rules at all! For the first couple of days, it does feel awkward not being imposed under any pressure. But it was exactly what I needed, to have the liberty to do things at my own will and pace. I did not have to worry about so many things, anyway, only if it hadn’t been for me to realise things in the first place.
~ SG

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English MT unit on poetry, DS


On the icy moonlit ground

They will tremble with the count

Slow and heavy steps are heard

And the clashing of the sword


     Hear the terror of the swords

     Iron swords swords swords

     Even sharper than the words


With the deaf and frantic fire

With the desperate desire

They will shiver with affright

In the startled ear of night


     Hear the rust within their throats

     Silver swords swords swords

     For every sounding cell that floats


With the crystalline delight

In illuminating light

They would clang and clash and roar

What a horror they’d outpour


     Hear the anger of the swords

     Golden swords swords swords

     Cutting all the silent cords


With the mercy of the fire

They will take you higher higher

How they groan and how they moan

With the sound of monotone


     Hear the violence of the sword

     Bloody sword sword sword

     How many lives she had ignored


Screaming mad alarum bells

How the danger sinks and swells

It’s the terror they foretell

With eternal their compel


     Hear the silence of the sword

     Lonely sword sword sword

     Lying on the grave of lord

~ DS

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English MT unit on poetry, FD

Haya & Chocolate

After four month

Haya , my mum

Reunited with her

Love,chocolate. Yum!!

My mum ate the

chocolate and

Said yum, my mum!!

After one week

She, with her dark chocolaty eyes,

Looked at dark chocolate and

Sat on a dier!!!

My friend,

Nothing  can come between us,

There is noting any1 can do,

2 keep us apart, I have , so much ,

love, respect 4 U.

I would do anything 4U.

U make me lauf everyday,

My best friend….

My phone!

~ FD

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English MT unit on poetry, VD


. lovely summer, Summer..

Wher you are? It’s May

Hurry! Hurry! U r 2 late

It’s May

un iz suppose 2 shine!
We, teen
d agers r hav


Swim, get tanned , play in z park

Summer! Summer!

Y r u o late !

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English MT unit on poetry, SM

Together We Last

Young, free, and content,
Powerful above all? If you say so..
Could it be better? or maybe a small sting?
There’s so much to admire,
So much thought,
Yet so much there to accomplish.
Should I give up hope?
Or wait until you find no one better?

How could I be this shallow?
Could it really be?

Maybe this poem makes no sense at all,
But do you notice a pattern or just a plea?
The message is in the poem, has it come across?
Well that’s my message, give it some thought.

Never Alone

As the wind blows by,
The people start to commence
And the light shines bright.

Nothing in the way,
No restrictions of any way
Wall broken away

To summarize now
I shall say that you are not
Going alone away.

I Would Say

On a hot sunny winter,
nothing can come in the way,
there’s nothing anyone can do, 2 keep me away.
So much love for you, I’ll go all daway.
Ur butie drives moi crazy,
and for you ill pray.
I would 8-2 see you leave one day.
If I could be with you all day,
I would say.
But lyfe iz 2 complex to say.
U keep me going everyday,
for I will be with you one day.
Arsenal FC, I’ll love you till the final day.

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English MT unit on poetry, MR

The Three Unfortunate Tragedies


Across the street, across came a man

however see did not, the Van

Over his head, over ran the tires

pulled his parts out with pliers.

He was now an open minded man


Out of the sky, out flew a plane

unfortunately it began to rain

Applied he did, applied Newton’s Second law

he did not stop, to see his only flaw

He had a close-minded brain.


For he did not care, for what people said

preferred to talk to himself instead

In circles he walked, encircled the park

continued to walk until it went dark

Faded to black, this man’s head.


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English MT unit on poetry, RH

An Idea

An idea is contagious,

It spreads throughout the mind,

An idea is what’ll change us,

We don’t know what we’ll find,

Once it creeps inside you,

You’ll never get it out,

It’ll mould and make you,

Or it’ll leave you in doubt,

However, the real question,

Is your idea good or bad?

If you can’t find the answer,

It’ll drive you mad.

The Finish Line

A light that shines,

To illuminate my skies,

The light leading me to the line,

Through twists and turns,

My desire still yearns,

The Desire for the Finish Line,

I’ll pursue and overtake,

Do whatever it takes,

To be the first to cross,

And as I drive to the line,

I know that it is time,

I’ve reached the Finish Line.

Hopes and Dreams

I’m chasing my dreams,

I’ll do whatever it takes,

I’ll run forever


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English MT unit on poetry, Fussa

Chandler, My Son

Blueclothed eyes,

Yellowcoated body.

Like the sun, my son

Blonde skin,

Tan hair.

My son, shining as a sun

Growing up to the skies, my son


Blue shirt, blue eyes, blue shoes

Bigeared bigfoot

Like the blue roses,

My son’s eyes were my sun

Like the sun, blue and bright, was my son.


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