Personal Input on Mother Tongue

Defining the term “mother tongue” is not a simple task. It may seem like an obvious label to a language, but in the twenty-first century world where cultures are more integrated than ever, it’s difficult to determine one’s mother tongue. As a result of travelling, exploration and education, people around the world have become more open-minded towards other languages and cultures, resulting in learning and practice of foreign ones. An average minded person would automatically think that one’s mother tongue is the language that’s most related to their culture; but what exactly is culture? Due to this generation’s want for change, development and exploring new ideas, people’s cultures and values in life begin to chane. Culture is not only one’s nationality, ethnicity or heritage, it’s also their current mentality and output on life. Therefore, as their cultures develop, so can their mother toungues. When families move to foreign countries and begin a new life there, they are bound to practice the the country’s language. As they learn it, the family can then begin to interact with society and feel somewhat connected to the language, they may begin to think in it. Especially when education is involved, when one learns how to read and write in that language, they can develop an interactive relationship. Even when a new language does not become a mother tongue, the person can define themselves as bilingual. In my opinion, the definition of mother tongue  is in the name… “mother”; the language that one’s family is used to, and their culture included.

-F Ridge (AKA Fussa) (AKA Haya)

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One thought on “Personal Input on Mother Tongue

  1. Felix Paillier

    it is true that if you move to other country it is difficult to determine a Mother Tongue when traveling to diffirent countrys. it is also difficult to find the right culture that you are used to. Changes can be difficult therefor it is true that finding your mother tongue can be hard.


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