Metropolis:  architecture.

I had to find a modern city or skyline which is similar to Metropolis. Here is the picture of Metropolis.   [date accessed 09.02.2012]

As you can see there are lots  of tall buildings. Metropolis itself has two meanings, and one of them means “a very large and densely populated city”. That explains why there are so many buildings.  I found places that are similar to Metropolis, they are: New York City, Brazil, Japan, Dubai, London. And those cities have a very large population.

Metropolis features special effects and set designs that still impress modern audiences with their visual impact – the film contains cinematic and thematic links to German Expressionism (German Expressionism refers to a number of related creative movements beginning in Germany before the First World War that reached a peak in Berlin, during the 1920s), though the architecture as portrayed in the film appears based on contemporary Modernism and Art Deco. It is said that film is influenced by German Expressionism, but it is more influenced by art deco. The art directors (Erich Kettlehut, Otto Hunte and Karl Vollbrecht) of the film create an enthralling architectural styles which are essentially angular and distorted.  The style and location of the cityscape reflect the class demarcation and power  in the film. The tall skyscrapers represent the seat of capitalism. On one hand, the skyscrapers represent a futuristic ideal of transcendence via machines. On the other hand, the city’s sharp angle and its vertical thrusts are completely anti–Nature. Architecturally speaking, the buildings in Metropolis represents power for certain groups of people, such as that the largest and tallest building, citadel in the centre of the Metropolis is symbolized as the dominance of Fredersen over the city.


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