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Blog Guidelines

MTblog is a companion website for the ISL community. This blog is created to link all the international MT groups. Through texts and images students are able to express themselves and connect with a variety of cultures. The main objective is to create a living intercultural forum.

Submissions for this blog can be sent to:

The purpose of this blog is for students to…

  • Express their ideas
  • Read about people views
  • Become familiar with numerous cultures
  • Discuss any current events

To use the blog you need to follow these guidelines :

  • not be offensive to other peoples work
  • not  encourage conflict
  • respect other peoples work and their individual point of view
  •  not plagiarize
  • Use appropriate language
  • not publish photos without the person’s consent

It is understood if these rules are broken there will be consequences depending on the severity of the action. Examples of consequences:

  • Deleting of the comment
  • Warning
  • Taking away blogging privileges
  •  Referral to the school administration

If anybody violates any of these terms they will be disciplined through the school code of conduct.


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Metropolis:  architecture.

I had to find a modern city or skyline which is similar to Metropolis. Here is the picture of Metropolis.   [date accessed 09.02.2012]

As you can see there are lots  of tall buildings. Metropolis itself has two meanings, and one of them means “a very large and densely populated city”. That explains why there are so many buildings.  I found places that are similar to Metropolis, they are: New York City, Brazil, Japan, Dubai, London. And those cities have a very large population.

Metropolis features special effects and set designs that still impress modern audiences with their visual impact – the film contains cinematic and thematic links to German Expressionism (German Expressionism refers to a number of related creative movements beginning in Germany before the First World War that reached a peak in Berlin, during the 1920s), though the architecture as portrayed in the film appears based on contemporary Modernism and Art Deco. It is said that film is influenced by German Expressionism, but it is more influenced by art deco. The art directors (Erich Kettlehut, Otto Hunte and Karl Vollbrecht) of the film create an enthralling architectural styles which are essentially angular and distorted.  The style and location of the cityscape reflect the class demarcation and power  in the film. The tall skyscrapers represent the seat of capitalism. On one hand, the skyscrapers represent a futuristic ideal of transcendence via machines. On the other hand, the city’s sharp angle and its vertical thrusts are completely anti–Nature. Architecturally speaking, the buildings in Metropolis represents power for certain groups of people, such as that the largest and tallest building, citadel in the centre of the Metropolis is symbolized as the dominance of Fredersen over the city.


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Personal Input on Mother Tongue

Defining the term “mother tongue” is not a simple task. It may seem like an obvious label to a language, but in the twenty-first century world where cultures are more integrated than ever, it’s difficult to determine one’s mother tongue. As a result of travelling, exploration and education, people around the world have become more open-minded towards other languages and cultures, resulting in learning and practice of foreign ones. An average minded person would automatically think that one’s mother tongue is the language that’s most related to their culture; but what exactly is culture? Due to this generation’s want for change, development and exploring new ideas, people’s cultures and values in life begin to chane. Culture is not only one’s nationality, ethnicity or heritage, it’s also their current mentality and output on life. Therefore, as their cultures develop, so can their mother toungues. When families move to foreign countries and begin a new life there, they are bound to practice the the country’s language. As they learn it, the family can then begin to interact with society and feel somewhat connected to the language, they may begin to think in it. Especially when education is involved, when one learns how to read and write in that language, they can develop an interactive relationship. Even when a new language does not become a mother tongue, the person can define themselves as bilingual. In my opinion, the definition of mother tongue  is in the name… “mother”; the language that one’s family is used to, and their culture included.

-F Ridge (AKA Fussa) (AKA Haya)

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International Language Day. 

International mother tongue day is celebrated every year on 21 February worldwide to support awareness of linguistic and cultural dissimilarity and multilingualism. International Mother Language Day has been celebrated since a UN resolution in 1999, but the history goes back to 1949 -1952. Urdu was declared the national language in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1949. Bangla (Bengali) speakers protested in order to  maintain their own linguistic identity. Mother Language Day’s date originates   from the crisis point reached on February 21,1952, when students involved in a protest and  were brutally  killed by police.

This day every year their death is remembered in Bangladesh. .Bengali is now one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.[date accessed 27/02/12]

Since Mother Language Day was  first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999  this organisation  has been  working every day to protect linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote equality, and development. For example, in the Republic of Korea, following the inclusion of the “jeju”  in the critically endangered group of UNESCO Interactive Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, in 2010, several projects helped  inhabitants of the “Jeju” island preserve the vitality and long-term survival of the” jeju” language. To recognize the importance of linguistic diversity, the UNESCO General Conference made International Mother Language Day .The International language day celebration promotes also multilingual education. It aims to help develop better awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

There are 6000 languages spoken world-wide. And those languages could die out by the end of the century.  “Languages are who we are. By protecting them, we protect ourselves”, – said UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova .  If language do not exist then culture is lost. The mother tongue is important for the identity of the individual. Through the mother tongue communication is more effective and meaningful. Through the mother tongue children can receive effective education

Different countries celebrated mother tongue day  differently.  For example in Bangladesh, people lay flowers at a Shaheed Minar (it is a monument that  consists of four standing marble frames and a larger double marble frame with a slanted top portion. The frames stand on a stage, which is raised about four meters (14 feet) above the ground. The four frames represent the four men who died on February 21, 1952, and the double frame represents their mothers and country. ) They also: purchase glass bangles for themselves or female relatives; eat a festive meal and organize parties; and award prizes or host literary competitions.[date accessed 27/02/12]

Language is the key to communication. Knowing several languages is really important, people travel, meet new people, they have to communicate. People can have several first languages.

“Mother tongue” means a person’s native language. But also person  may be a native speaker of more than one language, it is called multilingual. For multi-lingual people like me, the first language might change as life moves as well as the land. Mother tongue, first language, native language is the languages that people speak from childhood. BUT sometimes people move from one place to another, and then they speak another language. For example a child was born in Chine and was speaking Chinese during childhood, but then moved to US and started speaking English for a long period of time, and then that person can be more fluent in English that in Chinese. Mother tongue is the language of your country, but your first language might be a different one. The language you dream in tells you what language your better and comfortable in.

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