Around the World in 15 Years…

Traveling around the world in fifteen years is a journey worthy of recognition. Not only is it a literal journey of flying around the globe, but it’s also a figurative journey of self discovery and self actualization. It’s been an adventure living around the world, and my adventure is nowhere near its end. So I wanted to pause my journey for a while and leave a literal mark on this blog. From Asia to Europe, and the Middle East, it’s been hard deciding on a place to call home, because each of the places I end up living in seem to perfectly fit the role of being my home. My experiences have been the same in terms of adapting to the community and including myself in the areas of society, but the differences and unique characteristics that each place possesses are unimaginable. The chief aspect that differentiates each country from another is definitely culture. Culture is not only composed of religion and mentality, but it’s also the way of life of the population. People’s interests, values in life, traditions and even interactions with each other make up their culture, and that’s what makes each community unique. Evidently, there are the major differences in each environment such as the weather, the language, the food and the education, but the most interesting differences to discover are the ones that are felt rather than seen. Feeling welcome and appreciated and being treated respectfully is a great gesture from the people of the community, and when you receive that, you know you’re home. Of course, it will take time for someone to completely settle in one place, but if the environment is welcoming, it’s just a matter of time until a new place becomes a new home.

I definitely consider myself an expert in moving around and starting over. Some people may say it’s hard leaving behind people, things and memories, but I like to look at the positives in the situation. In my opinion, another move to another country is just another opportunity to transform and try something new, and basically, it’s a perfect chance to reinvent yourself and change who you are.

The latest move I’ve made in my journey lead me to ISL. I searched around London for a new place to start fresh and I wound up here. Coming from various schools that genuinely made me feel comfortable and welcome, I have pretty high expectations of ISL, and I can honestly state that this community has been successful in making me feel special. From my experiences, I ‘ve been able to develop an understanding of different cultures, and I have this positive feeling that in this one, I won’t have any difficulties being whoever I want to be, and definitely no problems being myself.  


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9 thoughts on “Around the World in 15 Years…

  1. Antonia Cooper

    I have only just now, whilst on holiday in Australia, got the chance to look @ your MT blogs: I’m so impressed with your insights and your positive philosophy on moving around. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. MR

    I 100% agree on this post. I am now living in my third country, and I have discovered that I have learnt so much more about myself than I would have if I stayed in one country. Although at some times I miss my home country, I feel like anywhere I’ve lived could be my home. I have a connection with each pace I’ve lived in, not only through friends, but through experiences and memories. I’ve learnt so much about different cultures around the world and how people live. I’ve also learnt about people’s values, which has opened my eyes a lot. I have also found starting a new school difficult, but after the first day I always find that oeople are so welcoming, especially at international schools.

  3. sacha

    its very interesting, i am really pacionated by what you did.
    What was you best memory ?

  4. Gaetano Gentile

    great story

  5. Nicolo'

    I really enjoined reading your comment. Personally I moved just this year from Italy to London so I can’t understand how does it feel to move so many times. But you made me understand it by posting this very good comment!

  6. m.j

    just like you i had good expectations for this school, and i think they lived up to my expectations, and hopefully it lived up to yours

  7. Noor

    Moving place to other is a really hard thing to do, to leave every thing behind and go. I think that your experience teached you alot about differnt cultures and differnt backrouds, and I’m sure you did enjoy it I hope you good luck in your life.

  8. A.G.

    i have spent my all life in Italy, and now that i live here in London, i really miss the city where I was born, and i can understand how you feel.

  9. HayaA

    Its really intersting to move around the world in short time ’15 years’. its lovely to have this knowledge and experiences from moving around the world !

    Amazing story Haya .. I’m not surprised that you write this ! Because its youer way your feelings and Emotion. well done

    عمل رائع , اعجبني !

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